#349 (recap): Friday, Friday, Gotta Record on Friday

Fueled by lukewarm rosé and cold water from various bottles discussed only briefly in passing (you’re welcome), Bobby, Hillary and Ann are staying up late on Friday to recap the latest week of TBTL. Plus, find out why Bobby is in Worcester, Hillary is in bed, and Ann is clearing her Google image search history. 

This episode brought to you by Occam’s Razors, the simplest choice in shaving.

This week recaps TBTL 2724 (Ferryboat crash with Carey, Mac Miller, Russia Dominos tattoo, Diet Coke, pizza, ranch vs blue cheese, Godfather, FaceTime, NPC), 2725 (twitter, black twitter, water bottle, schlub Chris Hughes flag football, Dr. Death), 2726 (Popeyes, Anne Rice, celery, butter on saltines, CPAP, lobster big thing, Luke’s credit, phishing, William S. Burroughs), 2727 (Rudy fur, Spotless, Kaepernick, CNN eating healthy tailgate), 2728 (Skyjinx, SeaTac, Renton Burger King bathroom, SOTS winner, Luke’s roulette numbers).