#346 (Recap): Secondhand Embarrassment

This week your LRB hosts are all under the weather in different ways, but we’re soldiering on to bring you the TBTL week in review. We’ve got a plethora of topics, including duplexing tips from Missy Elliott, new fall menu items for McDonalds, and an existential question about whether life is worth living without the noodles. Bobby ran himself into a froggy state (complete with sound effects), Meredith developed a new criterion for Airbnb reviews, while Ann had a very important houseguest. Plus, getting trapped in Canada, how nasal spray is like love, and French dip snobbery. Bonus: it’s the debut of the LRB Poetry Corner!

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2714 (social media, monster trucks, Grave Digger, Bigfoot, wrist rockets, Bitch I’m a Cow), 2715 (Bluetooth receiver, Barnes & Noble, Artie Lange, road rage, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Fake Warren Buffett Twitter, spoken word music, soft blocking, river show), 2716 (“we need to talk” texts, connotative vs denotative, Grave Digger, monster trucks, Who Let the Dogs Out, parody movies, Atlanta tv show, woke comedians, Dmitri Martin), 2717 (wrong name at PRPD, dad talk, “that frosts my balls,” sign shop, TBTL promotion, Subway franchise, Kiki Lolo, Chinese art heists, Jack Reacher books), 2718 (non-fancy French dips, pool inflatables, football watching, the Big Lobster in Australia, SOTS).