#345 (Friday): Look in the mirror, and be a better sTens page

Bobby, Ann, Hillary, Christy and Mike aren’t sure if Little Red Bandwagon can have a true river show, but they are sure they can successfully be derailed from most of their (admittedly thin) show sheet for this end-of-the-month Friday special by a message from an anonymous listener in the mailbag. On the upshot, we did still read a bunch of listener emails, unlike some shows we know. 

Plus, queso envy, wide stance jokes, a KIDZ BOP singalong, Michael Winslow-esque sounds from one host’s bo-o-dy, full immunity in Wyoming, housekeeper Christoph Waltz, Bryan Cranston in his tighty-whities, and much, much more. 

And, we’re all still on Facebook.