#343 (Recap): Cheese Above All

Join the I-35 Crew: The Next Generation of Ann, Mike and Hillary as we start the show with a surprising amount of bra talk, then move on to the week in TBTL. Along with a lively debate over the seminal work of a-ha, we concoct a strategy to get the guys to Larrimah, Australia, sing the praises (sorta) of Billy Joel, and address the appropriate way to discuss suicide and mental health issues in a public forum. In SOTS news, the Tens are apparently voting against Andrew, which kind of makes us happy because we are bad people. Plus, Mike’s pulling a Reverse Belichick, Hillary had a Marcia Brady experience at the ballpark, and Ann practically died at yoga.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2704 (Australian accent, kayaking, Lodge 49, Paul Manafort, high school parties, card counting, baseball, suicide), 2705 (wildfires, Who’s Who, Chris Pratt, Dinosaurs tv show, Larrimah Australia murder, crocodiles, cat gloves), 2706 (food desires, cupping, haircuts, McDonald’s, El Chapo, Google maps), 2707 (Beavis and Butthead, seat settings, tithing, Don McLean feud, Billy Joel, Yah Mo B There), 2708 (David Burbank, malls, mental health day, bungee chair, work computer, SOTS, Roman numerals).