#342 (Recap): “Roulette’s Sort of Fun When You’re Drunk”

It’s getting towards the end of summer, and Meredith, Hillary, Ann and Mike are trying to capitalize on the days we have left. Some of us are reading our Nancy Drews on our bunkbeds at the cabin, while some are bawling our eyes out over in the Documentary Corner ™, but we all made time to check in on our lovable TBTL dummies’ latest shenanigans. Luke came out of the whole boat crash situation about as well as could be expected, which is ever so slightly irritating. The abundance of movie talk over the week leads to conversations about Far and Away-era Tom Cruise, theories about the appeal of Kubrick movies, and assurances that liking The Matrix doesn’t make you one of those creepy men’s rights dudes. And we agree that nobody needs a wiener (of any kind) on their clothing. Plus, Mike wants to know if there are actual doctors in Bellingham, Ann is cautiously optimistic over how Song of the Fall is shaping up, and Hillary’s ready to start her retirement fantasy life of playing nickel slots at the casino. Oh, and if anyone asks, Meredith is a resident of Wyandotte, MI.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2699 (emails, robotongue, boat sale, lake house, back injury, Tom Cruise, movies, Kubrick, roof grilling), 2700 (Andrew’s house, Red Pill Matrix or Reddit, Olive injury, bedwetting, anthropomorphizing animals), 2701 (Hard Knocks, Jarvis Landry, garbage etiquette, weight and dieting, Ludacris, common law wife), 2702 (lateness, discourtesy, hot dog t-shirts, being assertive, public radio on Alexa, roulette and baby gambling, Blursdays), 2703 (David From the Basement, Song of the Summer, SOTS).