#340 (recap-ish): High-centered and out of oil

Pontiac Bobby, Subaru Meredith and  Camaro Mike (or is that Camero Meke?)  recap the last two weeks of TBTL Car Talk episodes with approximately the same level of effort and care Luke and Andrew (and Kevin and Genevieve) put into them. Plus, find out why Bobby used to burn through D batteries, Mike missed his senior yearbook picture, and Meredith (apparently) haaaaaad to suck on a tube in an old Mercedes. (Don’t Google it.) 

Oh, and Bobby bought a house. 

This episode very loosely recaps TBTL episodes 2689, 2690, 2691, 2692, 2693, 2694, 2695, 2696, 2697 and 2698, which were all about cars except not really.