#338 (Friday): My Scumbag Summer

On this Final Friday in July, Hillary, Christy, and Ann are getting together to sort through the mailbag, talk about potential Burbank boat names, and discuss a few of our most memorable summer vacations. Some quality Throw Your Phone™ entries from the Wagoneers get us thinking about how Mike has ruined things, planning to ambush Luke with a syringe (it’s for his own good! And listener Scott’s sanity!), and dabbling in unfortunate accents. In vacation talk, Hillary’s semi-wild teenage cruise leaves us questioning her claim of being a goody-goody, Christy has more vacation horror stories than any one person should have, and Ann explains why she hates the Badlands of South Dakota. In camp experiences, one of us lived a teen girl's dream, one of us yearned for something that was not to be, and one of us depended on MTV for her summer entertainment. Plus, a new purpose for some of our Amazon purchase kickbacks, and some very important news about Tate Donovan.

Repeat after me: “Charge it to the room.”