#337 (recap): A show title-rich environment

Unlike Luke’s boat, Hillary, Bobby, Ann and Mike are firing on all cylinders, and are ready to co-captain a two-hour pleasure cruise through the latest week of TBTL. Because this week, we are all Jerrys. (The only person happier than us is probably Kevin O’Brien.) 

Plus, Mike tells his Credit Card Debt Silver Lining Alert™, Ann shares her recent kitchen scare (don’t worry, the cookies for the picnic are OK), Hillary seems a little too happy to be down a kid for the week, and Bobby channels a hybrid of Phyllis Fletcher and Rap Master Maurice. 

Some additional notes:

This week's TBTL recap covers episodes 2684 (garbage recycling, Luke's boat fiasco, Andrew's wedding trip), 2685 (Luke hosts alone, Kevin O'Brien, breakfast is a sham), 2686 (Kiki Lolo, LA talk), 2687 (DFTB moving, dislocated rib, MoviePass, cops LA Fitness hard screen), 2688 (Andrew's tongue, H.R. Pufnstuf, travel release).