#336 (Recap): A Tennis Tangent

Hey, we know you’re busy looking for your new barndominium, but take a break and check in with the LRB crew as we run through the previous week’s TBTL content, thin though it may be. Topics for discussion include sneeze hypocrisy and the perils of living with a sleep scream sneezer, Starship-related PTSD, alcohol-related reasons to go to Canada, documentaries that will make you cry, and some strong anti-consumerist sentiment. Plus, Hillary used the patriarchy to her advantage when (maybe?) buying a car, Meredith is getting a visit from the Dog Fairy, and Mike says it’s okay to be an asshole, as long as you’re entertaining.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2679 (pets and toys, sneeze hypocrites, Thai soccer kids, Sacha Baron Cohen, weird fan letter), 2680 (Whassap Guy, newspapers and journalism, fake AirPods, Green Day, World Cup), 2681 (sleeping arrangements, CPAP machine, Starship, music talk, documentary talk, disposable straw ban), 2682 (Oohler the mean cat, Andrew going to a wedding, passports, airplane seats, audio animations, tricking assholes, Arrested Development), 2683 (Nora McInerny, funerals for strangers, escape sheds, children love garbage, consumerism, credit card debt, financial responsibility).