#334 (Recap): Stop Snoochin’ Yer Nooch

It’s Independence week, and the ladies of LRB are over here just chillin’. We’ve got some decisions to finalize before we gather in Seattle in a few weeks’ time, including the look of the costumes for our upcoming quidditch match at Gas Works Park, and the plan for our Singles tour of Seattle. In this week’s recap of TBTL, we come up with some tips for minimizing on-air allergy noises, figure out how we can qualify for disabled parking placards, and realize why so many breakfast cereals have undergone name changes in the years since our childhoods. Additionally, we discuss ballpark patriotism, how “it’s better than it sounds” is never a ringing endorsement, and how it can be that Paul Rudd is not a “weird, cat-faced monster.” Oh, and Luke? We love you, but keep your dog on a leash.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2674 (Garfield, pets and days of the week, Luke allergy noises, therapy vs service dogs, stealing disabled parking placard), 2675 (Thera Cane, Hurricane by Bob Dylan, Rudy off leash, dog training, entitled etiquette, trying to trick Phyllis, podcast fame levels), 2676 (hot dog radio show, TBTL special, kids cereals, Francis Lam, Safeco Field, sauerkraut sandwiches), 2677 (Oops the Dirty Monster, flies, Fourth of July feelings, Great Sedro-Woolley Footrace, Nathan’s hot dog announcer, Rich and Linda), 2678 (Andrew’s just chillin’, Humans of Detroit, Paul Rudd, Rob Lowe and celebrity plastic surgery, Statue of Liberty stamp, car alarm and pink ink note).