#333 (recap): Chicken drawer envy

Neither heat nor illness nor live show jealousy stays Bobby, Ann and Meredith from recapping the latest week of TBTL—in part with a little help from LRB Southern Events Correspondent and Earbuds and Earworms host Amy Sheppard. If you’d like a snack for the journey but you’re on your post-adventure grind, you can either nab a bag of Protes from the GNC down at the intersection of Vanity and Insecurity, or you can just order some Beanitos from this shamelessly blatant Amazon referral link that nets us some of Jeff Bezos’ pennies with every order. (We keep them in extra Middle-Aged Mom-ish Ten mugs.) If either of them asks for your number, just remember, they don’t really care: It’s Leg Day