#332 (special): LRB’s Summer Playlist!

Roll down your windows and crank up the volume, because this very special episode of Little Red Bandwagon featuring some of our all-time favorite “club bangers” is the perfect soundtrack for a leisurely cruise down Highway 694. (Maybe just turn it back down a bit for Mike’s stories, especially if you hit traffic.) Plus, we take a quick dip in the LRB Mailbag. 

Remember, we want to hear YOUR summer songs, too! Send them over to our friends at Earbuds and Earworms on Twitter, Facebook, email or voicemail (731-234-5578) for their upcoming show featuring your submissions. (And if you aren’t already subscribed to E&E, what are you doing with your life?! Amy and Mitchell are crushing it weekly.)

For full tracks of the songs featured on this episode, check out our Spotify playlist. (We’ll add your songs submitted to E&E next week!) That should tide you over until the TBTL Song of the Summer contest, or the pilot episode of Phrends—whichever comes first.