#330 (Recap): Eminent Domoon

The TBTL-athon is fast approaching, and your intrepid LRB hosts are already getting a wee bit tired of hitchhiking “planning”. So, instead of spending much time on Luke’s inexplicable decision to pack only black shirts and Andrew’s steadfast desire to wear pants in the searing southern summer heat, Hillary, Ann and Mike are ready to debate how much moon dust the government actually needs, puzzle over what happens at monster truck shows, and wish a certain public radio personality all the best in his new life with his new bride. Mike has a story of wildlife (and Abbey) running amok at The Ranch. Hillary tells us about her uncomfortable experience watching the movie Parenthood. Ann gives a live demonstration of just exactly why she hates a specific song. Plus, the problem with portraying a serial killer, our new motto, and we entreat Andrew to “show a little respect for the nut.”

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2659 (overscheduling, live St Paul show, Walkman, cassettes, The Doors, laser baldness helmet, IHOP), 2660 (email autoresponder, hitchhiking, hot dog show, baseball, MPR raccoon, Howard Schultz), 2661 (songs you hate, Waterloo Iowa, John Clayton, The Beatles), 2662 (mixed nuts, Hitchwiki, WBUR radio contest, Dax Shepard, Parenthood, monster trucks), 2663 (Match.com lady, Luke and Andrew are upset at each other, hitchhiking talk, Andrew hates dinner parties).