#327 (Recap): Getting Drunk and Laying in Our Algae Pool

It’s a Boot the Boys™ episode, so Ann, Meredith and Hillary are gathered at the base of the LRB cheerleading pyramid to plan our latest Mission: Impossible-style caper. But before we put that safety deposit box heist into motion, we need to get into the details of another week of TBTL. Despite some reservations, we whole-heartedly enjoyed our first look at what may potentially be WBUR’s newest smash weekend afternoon program. We have a calm, thoughtful breakdown of the continuing saga of Twitterbeef 2018, ask some follow-up questions concerning the upcoming TBTL: Life is a Highway sure-to-be debacle, and tell the guys to quit crapping all over Common, fer cryin’ out loud. Additionally, we sneak into ATM’s territory for a little advertising critique, cautiously approve of pizza roll grilling, and allow Luke’s misunderstanding of expiration dates to lead us into confessing our own sunscreen shame. Seriously, we’re amazed that Hillary’s nose hasn’t fallen off.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2649 (Steve Stu-bot Neumann, Santana and Rob Thomas, grilling Totino’s), 2650 (Burbank Springs algae pool, WBUR demo episode, business ethics, shirt wrinkles, onion goggles), 2651 (Twitter beef, updating iTunes, sunscreen expiration, WBUR demo debrief, David DFTB Burbank, Starbucks diversity training), 2652 (One Note Stand a cappella, Human Centipede, creativity, Bryan Colangelo Twitter accounts, Impossible Burger), 2653 (TBTL: Life is a Highway, hitchhiking, poor planning, Andrew’s beard, Pete Carroll letter).