#323 (Recap): “They say the dessert is free, but you pay in a different way.”

Step into our money booth, take off your pants and break out the tar, because it’s time for another TBTL recap! We’ve got so much to talk about that we didn’t have time to finish slicing our hotdogs, even with our new kitchen harp. Included in this chock-full episode: we’re breaking out the judge’s hammer (gavel, dangit) to make a ruling on a new studio name. We promise not to tell the Red Robin staff it’s your birthday. We have a consensus that taking money you didn’t earn is wrong, unless you find it in a pair of pants at Value Village. We’re in disbelief over Luke’s casual attitude towards passports, as well as his comfort at driving with an expired license. And we’re in firm agreement that David From the Basement is the best thing about any show he’s on. Plus, Ann and Meredith have their first fight, and we prove that Frizzell isn’t the only one on this podcast who can tell a touching story.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2634 (Diet Coke, Buttery Jack, hot dogs and harps), 2635 (expired driver’s license, passport problems, found money, Susie Burbank’s Value Village grift,), 2636 (driver’s license vision test, David Burbank, New Zealand, parents swearing, tattoo, dog poop), 2637 (Porky’s, Pepé Le Pew, birthday singing, Phyllis’ donor message, ice cream and waffle cones), 2638 (Shaq and Barkley fight, baby gambling, scratchers, gas station pizza, drunk driving, Hawaii quiz, dad jokes, teachers, humanism and microfiche).