#320 (recap): Love, loss, and the secondary fajita market

The last week of TBTL was an emotional one, and there isn’t really a great way to recap someone’s grief over the loss of a friend. Instead, Mike shares one of his own tough experiences with Ann and Bobby, and we all do some metaphorical (not literal) phone-hugging.

That said, don’t worry! It’s not all so serious. We still had plenty of time to pick apart the guys’ irrational anxieties, our own issues with statue permanence (thank you David Copperfield), Emu’s Pink Windmill Kids, Mike’s crack update, Bobby’s Red Scare stare, Ann’s concern for Mr. Rogers, and a delicious veggie wedgie. Now if only we could explain that smell from the attic…

Click here to take your seat in the Kia Optima for an audio ride back in time to a July 2017 trip to Lake Chelan, as referenced in today’s show.