#318 (Recap): “Where we’re going, we don’t need roadkill.”

Hey friends, while we were waiting in line behind God for the microwave at the celestial 7-11, the LRB gang decided to make a few changes. So, we’re trying out a new style of recap this week, but don’t give us a Shorty Award just yet. Instead, listen in on a discussion that ranges from a science fiction technology that we think is more important than time travel to the best way to house your bitcoin mining operation. Meredith would rather have a cavity filled than listen to any more from The Rapsures. Mike gets hot under the collar at Luke’s dismissal of marketing professionals. Ann shares tales from the retail trenches that demonstrate why we need rules and policies in the workplace (or maybe just that people are terrible). Plus, radio charlatans, dark chocolate, new standards for insanity in men, and how many rivets should go in the door panel of a Tesla. We’re 112% CA-CAO!

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2619 (Art Bell, time travel, teleportation, Shorty Awards, Adam Pally, marketing, meat suitcase), 2620 (Nora McInerny, Terrible Thanks for Asking, grief, candy bars, Rapsures, taxes), 2621 (Family Feud, steak, cooking, Planet Money nuts), 2622 (breakfast, iced coffee, Tesla, meetings, rules, retail scams, Big Mac Salad, weight loss), 2623 (Starship Troopers, waterbed inventor, does God eat burritos?, you’ve been Dunckleyed, Iceland prison escape, bitcoin computers, you suck, cat suicide).