#312 (Recap): “Canada geese are not polite. At all.”

It’s Easter at the LRB, and Branson the bunny is celebrating by deploying his turd cannon while Edith the cat preps for a trip.  As for your hosts, after deciding on the next phase of our careers, we buckle down to discuss who should (or should not) approach celebrities for selfies, the positives of automated customer service, the Seventies sexiness of Michael Landon, and the real reason that men get married. Meredith has some low-capacity thumb drives she needs to part with, Mike made a poor spaghetti sauce-related decision, and Ann has a message for the car-packers of America. Plus, we dive deep into the career of noted ornithologist Steve Canada. Watch out, because this episode has more hot takes than a racist cable news host.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2604 (smoke detector, packing, space junk, Legos, latitude and longitude, Lukles McGukles For Sale, Night Swimming, intermittent fasting), 2605 (Andrew’s Walkman, The RapSures, Ringo Starr, Pete Best, Jimmy Buffett), 2606 (salad talk, music talk, waterbeds, customer service, scam donations, parking), 2607 (Andrew’s Walkman, check kiting, teeth whitening, Luke faked college credits, Canada goose, Hari Kondabolu, crying, World War I, web cassette), 2608 (winkle, Doug Baldwin selfie, fandom, Luke is better with criticism, rude French waiter).