#310 (recap): Chocolate-covered deception

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Live from Regular Virginia, Ann joins Bobby and Meredith to brag about some Polish candy she received from a listener—a treat that sounds a lot better to some of us than the lie that is Raisinets. After candy talk (don’t worry, there’s more to come in future episodes) we recap the latest week of TBTL, and dole out life advice including “never test yourself on geography in public,” “Craig, throw out those bricks,” and “keep drinking, Kalena.”

This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2599 (Luke is spacey, walkman, geography quiz, Ben Affleck, Lurnk, RapSures), 2600 (RapSures, Meek Mill, walkman, eBay, WBUR contest), 2601 (RapSures, j-card, Donald Glover, nurses, WBUR contest, bricks), 2602 (Amal and the Night Visitors, Rudy dream, Chris Hayes, Puppeteers for Fears, Dark Sky, Pitch Perfect, ShutTen, Duck Tales in Hindi, Fred Armisen, Andrew’s CDs, Dan Le Batard), 2603 (dude friend, printer, paper, children’s music, kids crying at sports, Cthulhu, Purdue, Lauren’s ring.)