#306 (Recap): “It’s like he went shoe-shopping in the movie Brazil.”

We’re short on time because the Lyft is arriving to take Meredith, Mike, and Ann to see The Black Panther Movie, but we managed to squeeze in a recap without getting too deshoveled. We have a split panel on the merits of modern movie theaters, but we all agree that we’ve reached the limits of our tolerance for dive bars and speakeasies, and that there’s no way we’re letting the horror flick that is those creepy clappers into our houses. Mike is mad (and hungry), mostly about words (and Big Mac Jrs.). Meredith is happy to be alone and drunk and not tweeting. Ann is busy looking for depictions of ancient pornography (ONLY FOR THE SHOW PICTURE, SWEAR TO GOD).

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2589 (The Black Panther Movie, modern theaters, Pink Ink Parker, Oscars, Don Gorske, Big Mac, perch dinner), 2590 (Hanna Brooks Olsen, tax return, dive bars, Crown Royal bags, Donovan song or Seattle bar, archaic dick pics, Chris Hayes, Right Way to Rock, Josh Groban, Goo-Gone, cleaning, Fabuloso), 2591 (New York Jersey, winter boots, galoshes, laughing Clapper, Twitter, Light Phone), 2592 (Andrew is moving, apartment search, immaculate conception, Walter is bootlegging, diet ice cream, Sherbet), 2593 (stalking Andrew, “jamming out”, Donor of the Day whispers, Vieves’ birthday party, ringing the bell and buying the round, Luke’s pancake costume, advice on getting and keeping first jobs).