#304 (recap): There’s a right way to rock, and a wrong way to record

Welcome to Fork ’n’ Pan, the restaurant where we serve an entire batch of baked treats as one serving, still in the pan! Take this fork, have a seat on the couch, get cozy in your Van Harn Original Charcoal-Activated Anti-Fart Slanket*, turn the TV to whatever channel you like, and know that Mike, Bobby and Meredith are not here to judge you. 

That said, Two Sticks, Shufflin’ Papes and the MVH are ready to deliver verdicts on matters of Entitled Etiquette™ parking, basic recycling skills, the shortcomings of the recent listener challenge and more in our latest TBTL Week in Review. And thanks to the Spencerian Penmanship theory book —an exquisite manual priced at only fifteen dollars seven—our points will someday be written in impeccable hand.

*patent pending


This episode recaps TBTL 2584 (Cyber Security test, Columbo, pencil, penmanship, public farting, dried fruit), 2585 (athleisure, commercials, Trivago guy, sneezing, Tim and Eric, Ann’s birthday shoutout, pencils, tongue surgery), 2586 (Luke educational video Carey, packing, cult, Babs clone dogs, 3D glasses movies), 2587 (soup, steakhouse, TBTL Challenge winners, pizza, Kung Fu bar, farting, farting on planes, farting in Target, farting in front of children, novelty aprons), 2588 (United, skyjinx, medium mood, parking in snow, reserving spots in snow, vomit comet, boorish vs boarish), MFYW).