#301 (special) LRB Pop Culture Challenge: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Edition

At Ann’s behest, Mike and Bobby have watched the first eight episodes of network TV’s lowest-rated (and yet, critically acclaimed) show, the Showtime-castaway-turned-CW-cult favorite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Fellow CXG fans Meredith and Christy join in to hear the guys’ thoughts on the show, and to tell them why they are wrong. Kidding! (Sort of.)

Can entertaining musical numbers and a surprisingly thoughtful (and hilarious) look at mental illness overcome modest scripting and an awful title?* Did the ladies successfully poke the bear? Can we all get a little White Josh in our lives? Tune in to find out while you wait for this Supernatural marathon to end so you can watch something called Arrow.

*If Andrew keeps singing, this could be a reasonable question about TBTL, too

Bonus links: Here's the song about urinary tract infections that we argued about, and here's Rachel Bloom’s ode to Ray Bradbury (NSFW!)