#300 (Recap): Pencil In Some Spontaneity

It was a busy week on TBTL of stock talk, fantastic guests, and a lot of voicemails. It took three tries, but we finally got our long-promised email frenzy (Andrew only had to get rid of Luke to do it). Your LRB crew of Ann, Meredith, and Mike are here to reflect on personal fashion choices (both then and now), decide that Facebook quizzes are an exercise in self-satisfaction, and reset the Joe-Joes history clock. Luke’s pronunciation of “po’boy” takes us on a journey through the theater of the mind, while in the LRB Movie Corner we wonder if Black Panther can live up to the impossible expectations (we hope so, but probably not?). In his latest Stumpdate, Mike’s facing a dilemma that challenges his unfavorable opinion of short men. Ann has a hot take on the Oxford comma. Meredith makes the most of her fidget time. Plus, our unironic admiration for Richard Marx.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2574 (po’boy vs poor boy, cat café, LL Bean, School of Rock, 90s fashion, leather jackets), 2575 (stock talk, cooking, airport shuttle tipping, negative self-talk, Olympics, Lester Holt, email frenzy, Richard Marx), 2576 (Bean Baxter, Palentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, HQ Trivia, Oxford comma, Spill the Beans, 98 year-old man, resigning barrister, po’boy, Acrocats), 2577 (Nick Jarin, Hanna Brooks Olsen, Black Panther, fidgeting, quizzes that help you feel superior, Jamaican women’s bobsled, vanity phone numbers, pizza and taxi phone numbers, Taylor Swift, LL Bean email), 2578 (Andrew solo show, 100 voicemail messages, Stu-Bot, MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way, The Purge, email frenzy, Joe-Joes, socks, Wendy’s fries, SOTS doubts).