#299 (Clip Show): “And Now … the TBTL Players!”

It’s time to hang some lights and get the scenery out of storage, because we’re here to celebrate the premiere acting troupe of TBTL: The TBTL Players. In this episode: a Very Special clip from a 90’s tween favorite, Sean’s … interesting … vocal choices, the “best worst line ever,” and tour de force sound effects. Meredith and Ann discover yet another thing they have in common, while Christy thinks she’s discovered where Lin-Manuel Miranda REALLY found the idea for Hamilton. We also ask an important question: why are we so concerned with the box to the left? Plus, a visit from some special guests. Harrumph!

This show contains the following presentations from The TBTL Players: High School Musical, Saved By the Bell, Little House on the Prairie, The A-Team, Sex and the City, ER, Beyoncé’s ‘Irreplaceable’, alternative national anthem, Die Hard. Additional keywords: theater, Hamilton, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, The LRB Players.