#298 (recap): “Too long and not specific enough”

You shave the mice and we’ll grab the fries—it’s time to tackle a supersized week of tangents in our latest TBTL Week in Review. Mike “Pastry Pups” Frizzell, Bobby “Debt Payer” Pape and Meredith “Probably Conceived on a Waterbed” Van Harn are ready to be a pisces and jam (!)—even though two of them are capricorns—and are determined to keep it tight, not unlike Andrew’s shoulders. 

When you’re done here, go check out GROUP Podcast, and not just because host Rebecca got us out of a couple of jams, but because it has already gotten way more acclaim than LRB probably ever will. 

This week recaps TBTL episodes 2569 (nice) (American Pie parody, vaniversary recap, drinking, sleep, waterbed, friend’s moms, frozen food, All Dressed chips, mole, Super Bowl, commercials, StuBot), 2570 (Rudy, talking to animals, Neko Case, music bumps for personal stories, Nothin from Nothin, Russell Wilson, politics, TBTL Challenge), 2571 (crankyyandy.com, crankyandy.com, Luke’s book, H. John Benjamin, Red Green, French fries McDonalds baldness, mouse, mice, metric, Trump hair, rocket, poop bags), 2572 (NyQuil, CrankyYandy.com, Dwell, url values, PowerBall winner, rich, wealth, Winnipesaukee, birthdays, PHC), 2573 (morning, dream, KIRO, NyQuil, slingblading, dream, surprise massage, Eagles, Drunk Tim, Rockefeller, Quincy Jones, Paul Allen).