#296 (Recap): Magical Mundanity

It’s the second week of the TBTL Vanniversary shows, and Mike, Meredith and Ann are ready to break down every single minute, no matter how long it takes. (Sorry about that!) The guys are crisscrossing the state in the van, and while we go along on the journey we lay down some rules for sexytimes, debate how we would behave in the event of an actual airline disaster, and say goodbye to a good friend. Meredith explains how Apple is ruining her social life, Ann is delighted by Sean’s snore-collection theory, and Mike pays tribute to American hero Eagle Eagleson. Most importantly, we let Rudy know, in true Good Will Hunting fashion, that it’s not her fault.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2564 (Roslyn, Kevin the truck driver, poop story, Northern Exposure, Mel’s Hole, Prisine, Television’s Chris Hayes), 2565 (Jen Andrews, Granny Time, Luke’s bad gig, bike racks, reply all, Adam Levine’s outfit, Christy Wise, Ben the paramedic and firefighter, Wrath of Khan, college mascots, Rudy pooped on the sports field, Seattle Freeze, Sean DeTore, exit rows, California Raisins, Steve Nelson), 2566 (Sean DeTore, Genevieve Haas, bird-watching, Canada geese, bird behavior, eagles, conspiracy theories, Stu the Stu-Bot Neumann, brain doctor), 2567 (Jen Andrews, Sean DeTore, KIRO, memory lane, CPAP machine, sexytimes playlist, Why TBTL Matters To You, memories, Lauren Castelli), 2568 (live show, Jen Andrews, Sean DeTore, Avanti Market, songs with ‘rock and roll’ in them, hugging etiquette, Granny Time, plumbers, K-Beauty, snail mucus, dermatologist, candles, TBTL Players, Golden Girls, PYGO, pants are the problem, bitcoin, Advice Givers, bad hookups, thankful circle).