#294 (recap): One if by landjaeger, two if by SeaTac

We’re 12 hours, several smoked meatsnacks and one long flight delay into the TBTL 10th Vaniversary marathon episodes, and Mike, Bobby and Ann are ready to air things out a bit. If you couldn’t make it through this week’s extra-long shows don’t despair; our recap will be more helpful than a grocery-bagging training video and a well-timed cortisone shot. Plus, Ann apologizes unnecessarily, Bobby (still) owes the BosTens $40, and Mike hates being white.

This episode recaps the first week of TBTL’s 10th Anniversary vaniversary shows. Episodes 2559 (part one, Bellingham, sprinter van, landjaegers, Keurig, calls, Deals Only, Minecraft, casino talk, August), 2560 (David, DFTB, DTFB, Alice’s Restaurant, Lauren, Carey, whoopee cushion, Coast to Coast, Walter, Rainiers cap, dreamcatcher, snoring, Fugazi), 2561 (Mandarin Gate, Camaro Kev, George Brett, Jack in the Box, YouTube stars, energy drinks), 2562 (Greenlake run jog, 3D, Star Wars, hot dogs, George Brett, Kingdome story, McGinn, Phyllis Fletcher, parking rage, crushing skulls, crushing grapes, baleen poop tooth), 2563 (landjaegers, make-out kissing talk, The Mummy, Kevin janitor Purdue, porta potties, Phyllis, Washington Middle School, Market Time Foods, ball caps update.)