#292 (recap): FOMO and Fancy Pants

Like most Tens, Meredith and Mike were on the outside looking in for the 10th Anniversary celebration. But don't worry. They rallied, rented a Dodge Caravan, loaded up a guest host (Mike Farnan) and three angry cats for a rollicking recap of a week low on content but high on anxiety. Grab some chips because beef jerky won't be enough to absorb all of the FOMO. Remember to dab your sneezes and don't let the landlord disturb you, poop shower on your downstairs neighbor's head be damned. And always put your best foot/stump (sorry Frizz) forward when setting up a contest (not a contest) to attract new listeners. M&M&M took a chunk of their weekend to discreetly hand you a thumb drive of LRB and make your Monday almost as satisfying as a deep discount on your IKEA latte.

This TBTL week in review recaps episodes 2555 (listener cover songs, Luke’s stolen backpack, Andrew drank too much, pizza volume problems), 2556 (live show stress, live show prep, Greenlake showers, live show strategy, baby Luke sleeps hooked to a fence), 2557 (meditation apps, commercials, Scotty Brown’s, tip talk, stifling sneezes, baseball cap OPP), 2558 (plumbing problems, cuddling, not-a-contest new listener challenge, slave analogy, pastrami-loving animal doctor), 2559 (What The Hell is TBTL, inside-joke explainers, Susie Burbank’s new podcast “Deal With It”, shame eating).