#285 (special): Regrets, they’ve had a few

In the spirit of TBTL’s ending the year with an airing of personal regrets, we thought we’d join in! But then we remembered that we don’t have any regrets. So instead, here’s one of our favorite clip shows from 2017 all about times when our usually lovable TBTL hosts let the Big Dog out, with plenty of regret to go around. Enjoy!

Our original synopsis from July 21, 2017:

#239: Fifty cents and a frowny face

Step on up to the bar, order a shot and a beer from the tough-as-nails lady wearing the cat sweatshirt, and get ready to embrace your rage, because this month’s clip show is all about the Big Dog. Luke is famous for his temper, so Ann and Christy are here to share some memorable TBTL times when things got … a little heated. Mostly, we try to answer the question, ‘Is Luke a jerk, or the best friend ever?’ Along the way, we break down the original Big Dog story, critique Andrew’s handling of a difficult bartender, and agree that Luke will probably never get a job with the Seattle Bureau of Tourism. Plus, Christy’s dad started an “extreme counseling” business (it involves non-contact taekwondo), and it’s kind of awesome. Here’s a handy list of what we learned:

1) It’s probably not about you

2) When The Mummy is the voice of reason, something has gone terribly wrong

3) Don’t awaken Christy’s righteous fury unless you want your tires slashed