#282 (Recap): All Roads Lead to Batman

It was a crowded week of Entitled Etiquette, mourning dive bars, and sea urchin (in a really mushroom-y sauce), so TBTL power commenters Mike, Ann, and Christy have geared up in ¾ length, slightly-too-small running pants (that make our butts look amazing), to break it all down for you. Along the way, we develop a new dating app, debate chocolate croissants vs raisin rolls, and agree that the Mortgage Professor probably doesn’t understand his shortcomings. Mike’s making 2001: A Space Odyssey references and Christy reminisces over a vehicle that was a magnet for suicidal animals, while Ann semi-meanly points out her latest pronunciation pet peeve. But no matter what any imminent Executive order may say, please remember that we can’t let the Pantone terrorists win.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2530 (Lummi Island, The Willows Inn, sea urchin, vegetarianism, mispronunciation, Pantone, purple is whimsical, NPC, No Point Conversion, Carey Burbank, bad behavior, Luke’s fashion, running tights), 2531 (workload division, Dan Hedaya, roller skating, Young MC, non-Christian music, robo call, “Is This Annoying?”, email, The Mortgage Professor, chocolate croissant), 2532 (Wallingford curb paint, southwest geography, Gawker, New Yorker, Cat Person story, LA Weekly editor’s tweets, Oops the Bird song, CSPAN does the Dougie), 2533 (Skyjinks, TSA Pre-Check, Entitled Etiquette, bad behavior, Family Ghosts podcast, Oumuamua asteroid, spatial awareness, Google 360 street view), 2534 (watching the Seahawks at the casino, offending Andy Kindler, dive bars are gross, contact juggling, Fernando Rodney).