#278 (recap): *bam* *bam* *bam* PINOCHLE TIME!

We know you’re enjoying that smooth repaved highway, but turn down C2C and turn up LRB, because Bobby, Ann, Meredith and Mike are defending the honor of quartets everywhere with a TBTL Week in Review covering almost as many topics as Tim Allen has Christmas movies. 

On one hand, there’s some serious talk about Luke and Andrew’s serious talk about the long overdue hard rain of truth finally taking down prominent predators. On the other hand, there’s a mad pooper on the loose outside Buffalo. Not to mention, Meredith has a pupdate, Bobby has a story, Mike has hired Jackie Chiles, and Ann has some concise words for Garrison Keillor, one of many men who probably would benefit from watching this video.

Oh, and sorry about your house, but you probably shouldn’t have asked us to do everyone’s dishes. 

This week recaps TBTL episodes 2520 (attic, Christmas movies, Tim Allen, podcrawl, Theo, emergency vet, 10th Anniversary Show, grind, No Point Conversion, David Burbank), 2521 (Theo, Monk shirt, Amy Winehouse, weight diet, Ivy League schools, Dave Ross / Charles Manson, Monopoly, music rights, no mas), 2522 (co-bro, sexual abuse predator, Lauer, Keillor, dieting, arson, Five Guys), 2523 (Burbank Springs, Kronos Quartet, Rockford Files answering machine, ARFID food picky, food shame), 2524 (WWDTM, Coast to Coast, fundraisers, mad pooper, beer in space, MFYW).