#277 (Phyllis Phave): We’re going to have to ask you to leave

For her Phinal Phyllis Phave Phriday, Phyllis Fletcher joins Mike for a listen back to times when alleged “woo girl” Jen Flash Andrews was thrown out of restaurants, and in one instance, given up by a tell-tale pen. Mike shares some of his  own delinquent dining behavior through the years (with apologies to Hoagy’s Corner), and hits Fletch with one more round of his patent-pending gotcha segment, While We Have You. 

Remember: Proceed with caution when retrieving your ill-gotten 100 Grand Bar from Bill Radke’s bathrobe pocket. You have been warned. 

This episode features TBTL clips from the third hour of Feb. 3, 2009, and the third hour of April 3, 2009.