#271 (look back): Bowling with Pin Pals Andrew and Phyllis! (w/ Bet McIlreath)

Someday a hard (?) rain is going to come and wash all the scum off these lanes. Until then, join Bobby, Mike and Buffalo Ten and pastry chef Bet McIlreath for a listen back to the summer day in 2016 when Andrew “Hard Rain” Walsh and guest co-host / adventure buddy Phyllis “Edna” Fletcher hit the road to record an afternoon of bowling and pull tabs at Kenmore Lanes.

Plus, why A Tale of Two Cities is one of Bet’s favorite Simpsons episodes, why Buffalo is one of Bobby’s favorite places, why Andrew Zimmern says you can Go Fork Yourself, and why Mike might need a little privacy with a Beef on Weck from Schwabl’s. You’re driving and the clutch is blown, but don’t worry—it’s mostly flat.

Yes, this is a long one. But we couldn’t imagine cutting down this classic episode of TBTL from Aug. 10, 2016, so you’re getting the whole thing.