#268 (Recap): “Why can’t a dog get a tramadol?”

It’s another silly/serious episode today at the LRB. On the silly side, Mike, Meredith, and Ann discuss hippo avoidance tactics, our new show sponsor, and the disturbing, yet effective, motivational methods employed by our fantasy Browns head coach. Mike feels that his anti-straw stance has been vindicated. Meredith is still waiting on her check from the New Zealand National Party. Luke may turn Ann into a football fan against her will. On a more serious note, the teeth whitening debacle leads to some Real Talk about the state of the show and how the guys may be their own worst enemies. Plus, bonus commentary from Link, which is as serious as it gets.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2495 (teeth whitening, Taiwan Jones, airplane creeping, Twitter vanity, Mrs. Wharton, No Point Conversion), 2496 (Pace Picante Sauce, straws, drugged Iditarod dogs, ketchup, chicken tenders, peanut allergy), 2497 (gif dating game, Andrew’s bapcia, Einstein’s advice, soundalike Eminem Esque, men swimming in crocodile trap, hippos), 2498 (Nick Jarin, Spooktacular, baseball poseurs, smoking, vaping, accountability, white as the default race, Amazon Key, popsicles, Blade Runner 2049), 2499 (Chris Hayes, Luke creeps at 30 Rock, hot dogs and ketchup, Brian May, overdone karaoke songs, porn editing, Scary-Oke, Andrew’s non-costume costume, efficiency of exercising and thinking, Paula Poundstone, ‘Who Tweeted It?’ game).