#267 (Look Back): From Frazzled to Focused with Felicia Powell

It’s Franzia Friday at the Little Red Bandwagon, as Brooklyn Ten Felicia Powell joins Ann and Meredith to talk about everything from politics to local bovine news coverage.  Felicia shares how she got bait-and-switched into the world of TBTL, and why she wrote an email to them that continues to have a big impact to this day. Plus, she teaches us an important fact about our constitutional right (or lack thereof) to vote. Then we refill our wine glasses and listen back to the time Jen convinced Luke and Andrew to try recreating the 4th Hour of NBC’s Today Show without ever having watched it. Luke makes a disturbingly convincing Kathie Lee Gifford, while Andrew’s best attempts to produce competent segments only serve to highlight his endearing cluelessness. If we all agree on one thing, though, it’s that Usher is totally dreamy.

This Friday episode of Little Red Bandwagon features TBTL episode 1308, which aired on Thursday, March 28, 2013. Keywords: NBC’s Today Show 4th Hour, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, The Voice judges, politics, Doctor Who, John Barrowman, discussing real life events on TBTL.