#265 (Clip Show): Put All Your Drinks on Our Tab

Hey, can we buy you a shot? How about you? C’mon, have one with us! On this month’s clip show, the topic is the intersection of TBTL and alcohol (let’s call it Part One of a multi-part series…). Here to guide you on this voyage of discovery are Christy and Ann, who are perhaps the two members of the LRB crew least qualified to talk about the subject. Regardless, we shake our heads over the time Luke did a swan dive off the little red wagon, debate attending a hipster bouncy house party, discuss being faced with a shockingly high bar tab, and ponder whether we would eat the pickle (NOT a euphemism). Plus, Christy may be responsible for Luke’s infamous nose injury, and Ann naively thought that casinos would be closed on high holy holidays. Oh, and we make a firm statement that it’s perfectly acceptable to disappear if The Mummy tries to boner roll you.

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 6/2/10 (Sean drunk dials Luke); 4/6/10 (Luke is off the little red wagon, Easter, Tulalip Casino, The Mummy, boner roller); 11/15/ 10 (The Mummy, bouncy house party, drinking with co-workers); 6/13/13 (Andrew got drunk, shots, embarrassment, bar tabs); 12/4/12 (blackout, car drunk, McDonald’s pickle).