#262 (Recap): “You can’t grow a personality on your face.”

It’s late and we’re tired, so Mike, Meredith, and Ann have gathered at the local Jalapeños for a plate of old-fashioned nachos and some friendly bar chat about the charms of the Church Lady, how to feel your feelings in the face of tragedy, and the world of collectible bedpans. Ann’s been reading up on the history of Presidential assassination attempts, Meredith has some thoughts about why Andrew could be scratching inside his ear, and Mike makes himself (and us) cry. Then we spend far too much time trying to work out the logistics of our Back to the Future money-winning strategies. Plus, bingo winners!

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2480 (David Burbank, Las Vegas, Tom Petty, Renée Fleming, opera, Lord of the Rings, SNL, Ryan Gosling, font talk, Papyrus, dog poop in trash cans, NPC), 2481 (Ashton Kutcher, satire, baseball, Skyjinks, Luke’s backpack and skateboard, Tom Petty, Darrell Hammond, The Mad Pooper), 2482 (stress dreams, Waiting for Guffman, Batman, sitcoms, Larry David, Theresa May’s speech, baseball catcher gets hit in the nuts, dog poop in trash cans), 2483 (Tom Petty music, TBTL Spooktacular, radio station apps, drunk time traveler, behavior ticks, beard crumbs), 2484 (Luke’s hammydown lawnmower, too many nachos, Jalapeños, bar chat, heirloom bedpans, Def Leppard, ‘Rock On’, imitating podcasts, Trucktober, John Moe, The Hilarious World of Depression).

Photo credit: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/28998-i-collect-antique-bedpans-and-urinals