#258 (Recap): Cheesy Comestibles

This week, Mike and Ann are joined by LRB’s favorite accordion enthusiast and Appalachian clogger Bob Stein. After Mike and Bob compare their summers (Bob’s was better), we hold the ceremonial unboxing of a Wagon Full of Loot. Then, we dive into the recap of last week’s TBTL, which may or may not have been swass, depending on which definition you want to use. We come up with a new, more useful hurricane-naming system, introduce a new segment called, “Old Man Stein Yells at Clouds”, and elaborate on the perils of telling someone they look like Bobby Hill. Mike knows the real reason we hit the snooze button on World War III, and Ann is forced to use the term “fecal material” far too many times. Plus, Bob floats an Up with People conspiracy theory for the ages.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2470 (blood soul patch, swass, sign language interpreter, bear-monster, Luke’s guitar project, body swaps and Olympic figure skaters, nuclear war, No Point Conversion), 2471 (Sausage Fest, Andrew and kids, Pinewood Derby, parents doing projects, Luke’s drunk business cards, diplomats in Cuba, Luke looks like Bobby Hill), 2472 (CBS Sunday Morning story in Indianapolis, lady jogger pooping, Chipotle queso, salad story, Up with People), 2473 (Alaska Airlines article featuring Luke, SkyMall, Kevin Durant claps back, poop date story), 2474 (Apple Watch, towels and fecal material, showering).