#257 (look back): Jen vs. The Man w/ Sean Vale

Get your potato salad ready, because buttery smooth-voiced RenTen Sean Vale joins Bobby and Ann for a TBTL favorite, Jen Flash Andrew’s first encounter with The Man from Dixie’s BBQ—$15 worth of pain that would make George Mallory proud.

Plus, you know that thing where you're on vacation and think, “gosh, I’d really love to live here?” Sean did that (in Thailand, not Renton) and tells us all about it, including the time he yelled “Luke, pull up! Pull up!” in the ear of a motorcycle taxi driver in Bangkok.

When you’re done, check out Tiny Kitchen Cooking with Sean’s husband Ahn, order your ketoconazole shampoo on Amazon, and clean that PB&J off your face, at least, after the pain finally goes away.

This episode looks back to hour 2 of TBTL from July 17, 2008