#256 (recap): Nobody puts Wayne Knight’s hat in a corner (or on the internet)

Tetrahedron clusters Ann and Bobby are flanking special guest host Mike Farnan (our backup Mike F.) for your latest LRB Week in Review, right after we finish shoving in 30-year-old Bernie Kosar breaking news coverage, feasting on kielbasi and sauna meatballs, and avoiding that giant, vicious, vengeful fish. (Just kidding, we promise, on at least one of those.) 

Plus: Just a minute, Ron! Mike and Bobby both have stories about the movie Captain Ron, and Ann used to keep a knife in the bathroom, for emergencies. Remember, if you need a little private time, there’s always the bathroom on the third floor of the UW Communications Building, if you don’t mind getting sweaty and nostalgic.

Here’s Aziz Ansari’s 50 Cent grapefruit soda story. We’ll add a link to the forthcoming Four-Minute Workweek as soon as it’s available.