#254 (recap): Dreaming of a boxcar full of cheese sticks and cold soda

Special guest and lady social-scientist Ellen “Kenny G” Middaugh returns (see ep. 193) to help Bobby, Meredith and Ann break down the latest week of TBTL from Bud Light to bird feeder, and every disgusting and insecurity-laden step between. Ann pilots the Millennial Falcon through a Kessler Run of corrections, Meredith brings the facts on pesticides and silk pillowcases, Bobby made his very own batch of Ooey Gooey Tar Bars thanks to a recipe from Ann’s Aunt Carroll, and Ellen doesn’t hate when Andrew jacks up the reverb, but we let her stay anyway. (One thing we do all agree on? The more Carey Burbank on TBTL, the better.)

Plus, another anecdote about why plungers should be mandatory, and the surprisingly Southern sound of Ann’s sensibilities being shaken.


This week recaps TBTL episodes 2460 (rerun from Sept. 2, 2016, ACE hotel, Yelp, hotels, furry, Music For Your Weekend), 2461 (Olive, reverb, Tatooine, beer cooler, ash, Subaru commercial, insecurity, Doctor Doctor song, onions, fantasy football), 2462 (Tatooine, friends listening, producer nightmares, Carey Burbank, Star Wars lego set Millennium Falcon, internet slow, Red Sox cheating Apple watch, Red Robin ziosk, onions, travel hacks, Bean, Doo-wop), 2463 (It, Derry ME, raw dog, Irish guy kid bat video, Tinder date poop window, bathroom stuck no paper), 2464 (soda taste test, Amazon and Whole Foods, Ireland and UK, propane, planter box, Subaru, onions, MFYW).