#252 (recap): Click here and enter your password repeatedly

Bobby, Ann and Meredith get an earlier-than-usual, reverb-free jump on the TBTL Week in Review so Meredith can help with Harvey relief efforts—if she can pass a background check. (If not, we’ll just get her to lead a rosé-fueled yoga class instead.) Thankfully, that’ll give Ann more time to find the perfect place to hang her recockulous mother-and-corndog/child portrait, and Bobby more time to giggle about Ann’s package. 

We have all sorts of things we think you should buy this week, including Ex-officio underwear (even though it can’t vote), communion wafers (ideally with Nutella) and Quilted Northern (because you don’t settle). Really though, buy anything you want as long as you do it at littleredbandwagon.com/amazon