#251 (Phyllis Phave): Jen the Behavior Cop; Phyllis the Bureau Chief

Take out your Bluetooth® and adjust your tone, sir, because it’s time to sit and politely listen to LRB’s latest Phirst Phriday Phyllis Phave Edition! Phyllis joins Bobby for a listen back to two clips from September 2008 when Jen’s resolve to be the change (in manners) she wants to see in the world is put to the test, would-be Azteca appetizer-scammers be damned. 

Plus, Phyllis gives us the bittersweet low down on her SUPER EXCITING NEW JOB as National Public Radio’s newest bureau chief, a gig that will only be a stepping stone to an on-air national host position if Bobby’s scheme works. She also told the folks over at After These Messages (never heard of it) about it this week, if you’re into that kind of thing.

While you’re listening, be sure to go connect with (link with?) Phyllis on LinkedIn, and endorse her for stuff. That way in a few years she’ll have a faint memory of us little guys she left in the pod-dust. 

photo credit: David_Rojo Name this expression / nombra esta expresión via photopin (license)