#250 (Recap): Orion’s Suspenders

After last week’s excitement at the LRB picnic, your hosts are all happy to be back in our home studios. Despite all the traveling we’ve done recently, we’re confident that nobody on this podcast rode their skateboard through the Haggens’ parking lot, or got crunched by a seat recliner on the plane, or took out a planter with their vehicle (actually, scratch that last one).  We’ve got your latest TBTL week in review, and boy, do we have questions. Ann wants to know if men are really that afraid of getting in trouble with their partner, Mike wants to know the mechanics of butt-dialing someone, and Meredith wants to know how long she’s going to have to continue defending ICP. In addition to addressing these important queries, we discuss parking in Texas, puzzle over whether tonight pants are for sleeping in, and plan an extravagant Chick-fil-A/hotdog bar wedding. And Mike makes a shocking scissors-related confession.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2450 (eclipse, boat, planter), 2451 (Bud Light, weeding, beard, eclipse, Shep Smith, jalapeno, constellations, SOTS), 2452 (Twitter, dementia, Halloween show, butt dial, ICP, Juggalos, poop story), 2453 (skateboard, airplane seat reclining, scissors, retail theft), 2454 (Taylor Swift, Right Said Fred, writing credits and lawsuits, Weird Al, bath mats).