#249 (special): Little Red Boatwagon: The LRB Picnic Recap!

What, you think Luke and Andrew are the only ones who can record on a boat? Join Bobby, Ann, Meredith, Christy, special guests and at least one child we would later find out was an unintentional stowaway for a listen back to the sounds of the LRB Summer Picnic on August 18th! We’ve got clips from many super Wagoneers (and a few confused 11s) who braved Seattle traffic, parking lot RV meth labs, and a poorly lit (but well-stocked) snack table to spend some time together, and it was the highlight of our night to talk to them. Well, the second highlight after having our pictures taken with Jack Taylor’s amazing TBTL and LRB displays.

Note: Mike has noted all of you who flouted his rules about food, and justice will be swift. We look forward to seeing the survivors at next year’s picnic!