#248 (recap): (Mostly) Live from Will the Pilot’s Kitchen Table!

Mike is on the line like Charlie Townsend, corralling Christy, Ann, Meredith and Bobby (Bosley?) who are gathered on the shore of Pipe Lake in beautiful Kent, WA, for a very special 80%-in-person TBTL Week in Review that’s almost as satisfying as a little red wine, a Twix bar and a ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. Between the community chop saw, fast food marketing talk and some dirty clown love (f—ing stereotypes, how do they work?) this episode has something for everyone.

Special thanks to Bailey (rippletale on Instagram)  for lending us her artistic talents for this episode’s amazing (and copyright-free) show drawing. And also to guest engineer Aidan on the ones and twos for not only keeping us rolling and apologizing (#sorryaidan), but also for putting together a video of our recording session. (It’s amazing how far these kids have come despite having Will for a father.)