#246 (Recap): Life Lessons with Tara

It’s a special all-ladies recap, and Christy, Meredith and Ann are here with the hot topics and cool takes on the most recent week of TBTL. Luke made the false assumption that you can have too many desserts at a potluck, Andrew made the false assumption that everyone will appreciate medium rare burgers at his cookout, and we made the false assumption that the guys wouldn’t need to spend 20 minutes talking about the alphabet when coming up with this year’s TBTL picnic food assignments. Additional topics on today’s show: pronunciation hypocrisy, what the actual purpose of the driverless car study was, the problems with living in a lighthouse on Lake Huron during the winter, and the atrocity committed by Meredith’s onetime dinner guest on a perfectly good piece of meat. Plus, Christy makes it clear why she’ll never have an heirloom sponge collection.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2440 (Luke’s vacation, bowling, Tanya Tucker, pronunciation, hot air balloon), 2441 (Triangle of Fire, Bono, Ciscoe Morris, cheeseburgers, grilling, Rick Rizzs, A League of Their Own, Married With Children, Song of the Summer, hype men), 2442 (Alaska Airlines commercial, unicorns, driverless van, news dude, out of gas, Mr. Postman, GZA pronunciation, public radio, Girl Scout Campfire, Song of Ice and Spoilers), 2443 (Thrive, tall ships, Play Me Out podcast, anger song, Space Needle restaurant, lighthouses for sale, Bill Murray, drunk TBTL, Floyd Mayweather), 2444 (picnic food assignments, alphabet, jogger pushed in road, sharing the road, dirty sponge).