#245 (look back): Our Favorite Jeremy! (w/ Jeremy Auer)

Gold star archivist and our #1 favorite Jeremy (Jeremy Auer) joins Christy and her 6th-favorite co-host (Bobby) from Gresham, Oregon—Underground Poker Capital of the World™—for a listen back to the time Luke, Andrew and guest Lynn Shelton discussed bad customer service (and bad customers) (Luke) instead of talking about her latest film. 

In addition to our own job worsts and firsts, we explore why Jeremy (AKA helvetica.carabeaner) studied landscape architecture, has science-splained Luke and Andrew multiple times, and manages the only tumblr in Christy’s feed that’s not porn.

This episode listens back to TBTL episode 1427 from Sept. 13, 2013, and you should go listen to the whole thing.