#243 (Phyllis Phave): Tacoma's 2001 Pimp of the Year

Pour a tall chalice of gin & juice and relax into your gangster lean as we flash back to August 2008, when Luke flashed back to November 2001, when, for $5, he inadvertently accepted a standup gig at a pimp convention. HistoriTens: Which brother was harder for Luke to follow? The warmup act at the Oregon Bankers' Association about a decade later, or the pimp convention emcee Mr. Mookie? Which was the tougher crowd: Squares at a corporate gig, or pimps and hoes? Does Luke fail harder on the theme of being unreasonable in unreasonable times, or "what's up with white people?" Well, only one of these events was recorded as far as we know, so we'll hear 25-year-old Luke live onstage from the (formerly Best) Western Hotel in Tacoma. Christy and Phyllis fall into the credibility gap with this TBTL gem from the radio days.

This episode features a clip from August 1, 2008, Hour 2 of TBTL.