#242 (Recap): Never Ask for Taco Mode

It’s a love fest over at the LRB! Even though Luke’s on vacation, a week of delightful guest hosts and great content has left Bobby, Meredith, and Ann with more put-ups than we know what to do with. We try to figure out if someone’s trolling Andrew over the Wallingford Parking Wars (it wasn’t us, honest!), take a surprisingly melancholy walk down memory lane, and ponder whose job it should have been to tell Michael Jordan he needed to lose the Hitler mustache. We also share our answers for this week’s Questions of the Day, including a heaping helping of Sandwich Talk and which chores we want our genie-wizard to take off our hands. In LRB host news, Bobby’s up in Canada developing his new podcast BrockMore (about the Hank Azaria series Brockmire), Meredith’s back from crisscrossing the country to visit her old stomping grounds, and Ann’s preparing her Frank Sinatra Filibuster, which is not a dessert, but sounds like it should be. Speaking of dessert, stick around to the end of the show to hear us mount a defense of the perfect pie.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2430 (Nick Jarin, Question of the Day, filibuster, Duck Island skate park, Michael Phelps, Shark Week, Comic-con, geek culture), 2431 (Nick Jarin, Kurtis Blow basketball song, Question of the Day, go back and re-do life, Wallingford Parking Wars, #jasonandlouis, MS Paint, mustache, cleaning), 2432 (Aaron Mason, Question of the Day, moment-in-time recording, Andrew and Vieves, girlfriend-boyfriend, Snopes, Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks, Chet Haze, Song of Ice and Spoilers), 2433 (Aaron Mason, Mace of Spades, Stu-bot voicemail, Question of the Day, most hated chore, genie-wizard, one star reviews, Goodfellas, ET, Willy Wonka, Matt Groening and Disenchantment, Hank Azaria, Brockmire), 2434 (Rachel Belle, Your Last Meal, Warrant, Question of the Day, best sandwich, In A Pinch Deli, Lyft and Taco Bell, Taco Mode, grocery shopping for men, blowing out birthday candles bacteria, Coke Zero).